So apparently my mum thinks I’m “foolish” for choosing the “Medical route” and not looking at “Alternative” solutions to my heart condition, and is going to take me to a herbal nutritionist, because “surgery is invasive and you should try to exhaust all your possible options before resorting to that”
Yes this medication is shitty and makes me feel vile 90% of the time, and yes, the idea of getting a tube shoved up my femoral artery to my heart terrifies me, but you know what scares me more? The idea of taking myself off them and trying “different methods” and having a heart attack or going into cardiac arrest and dying scares me much more. I just want this damn extra pathway gone ASAP so I can just go on with my life. 

Sorry for the rant, and also I’m not going to be reblogging or posting much over the summer (not that anyone notices my pathetic attempt at a blog anyway) due to my shitty internet connection.